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Tax Breaks Don’t Work – See 1929

We’re being told by the Harpies that opposition parties – if we were stoopid enough to elect the Liberals or the NDP – would spend like crazy and increase our level of debt. Here’s just one of the empty threats from Steve.

Duh! If you’ve ever read an unbiased economics textbook, that’s what you do when you’re about to head into a recession.

What you don’t do is cut taxes and expect people to just spend their way out of economic misery because they’re too worried that they’re not going to have a job in two weeks. Let’s do the math: I can either spend to support the economy with ZERO income less a few percentage points or I can work because our government has invested in rebuilding programs to cushion the blow. The net effect with the treasury is the same, but the outcome is exceptionally different.

And you also don’t slash business taxes, at least not for big business. These days, the only corporations that are actually making profits in Canada are those that are not based here. As a result, they pay less here, but then turn all of their after-tax balances over to a foreign treasury.

Bravo!! Your tax-cutting package has just ensured that money evaporates from our economy and people resort to eating their pets because they don’t have jobs.

You think I’m ranting, don’t you? Well, check out what mainstream media has to say about tax stimulation packages:
MarketWatch Commentary on 2007/2008 Relief Package

And, if you think that’s bad, the dreaded comparison to 1929 is on its way:
Tax Relief Package Details from 1929

When you read this article, be sure to skim down to the bottom to review the list of “impartial” advisors to the relief package, including the likes of Ford, Standard Oil, GE, du Pont, Macy’s, etc.

It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. Please don’t let history repeat itself.

Oil in My Water

Every time I see a case of water advertised for two bucks, I’ll think of this article:

This is an exceptionally well detailed review of what goes into a bottle of water. Er water bottle. It ain’t pretty. Every time you chug on your nice fresh city tap water highly specialized and filtered morsels of luciousness, you also suck back quite a load of toxic swill.

When I read an article like this, I want to know what the solution is. How do we completely and unquestionably stomp out this kind of industry when we all know it’s predicated on complete and utter insanity?

The answer is sooooo easy when you think about it. Declare that plastic bottles for water are a travesty to the environment and levy a $0.50 tax PER BOTTLE on 500ml bottles, $0.80 per bottles on 1 litre bottles and so on. All revenues raised would be paid directly to the level of government applying the tax.

Follow that up with a bureaucracy so intense and deep that no retailer in their right mind would ever consider selling bottled water again.

This is a much better solution that trying to figure how to commoditize water without commoditizing it. Why tax at source when you can let Adam’s little hand guide the way with a nice swift kick in the wallet?

Demand will be sure to dry up and rivers will flow (once again).

Canadian Equivalent for

Hey everyone,

Just a general question that I’m hoping to get an answer to: does anyone know if there is a Canadian equivalent for

I’d love to know, as we’re hoping to support this kind of initiative, both financially and also with some volunteer time.

Please post any links you know of through the comments.

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Training urged for EMS dealing with the emotionally disturbed

This story is very intriguing. Is it possible that the media is trying to weave the “story” of excited delirium into the general lexicon, applying the ‘symptoms’ of ‘ED’ to other reactions?

Does this mean we should expect to see similar stories materialize where maybe high school kids not paying attention in class or vandals start getting classified under the tag “sufferers of excited delirium”?

Vancouver Taser Probe Awaits Funding

I found this article a little hard to believe:

No mention is made of the cost of the investigation, but shouldn’t the judge/jury/whoever just watch what transpires on Youtube? I’ll try to save you a few million in legal fees. Just click below:
(Or search “Vancouver Airport Taser”)

Here’s another idea: how about you just take the City of Toronto budget and use that? I think the total was $8.7 million, but we all know that price will double as costs come in much higher than planned. That should pay for a hell of a review, shouldn’t it?