RIAA: Tracking of PCs through ISPs

Story Here.

Why is it that the RIAA will not treat consumers like people rather than animals or test subjects or criminals? Their ideas consistently so out there and yet, they have the ears of lawmakers and public officials, and may actually be successful with some of the their efforts.

Here’s a quote from the story:

… RIAA boss Cary Sherman suggested that Internet filtering was a super idea but that he saw no reason to mandate it. Turns out that was only part of the story, though; Sherman’s a sharp guy, and he’s fully aware that filtering will prompt an encryption arms race that is going to be impossible to win… unless users somehow install the filtering software on their home PCs or equipment.

Last night, Public Knowledge posted a video clip from the conference that drew attention to Sherman’s other remarks on the topic of filtering, and what he has to say is downright amazing: due to the encryption problem, filters may need to be put on end users’ PCs.

Just when people are starting to understand how to ‘unplug’ themselves from various controls on their media habits, online activities and preferences, these kind of proposals get tossed around. Let’s hope they don’t stick to anything.

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