H2: The Future’s “Wondergas”

This story inspired this post.

Forget images of the Hindenberg. Picture a world run by a gas that has no emissions, no impact on climate change and ultimately, virtually no cost.

It’s a gas that’s the most abundant in the universe. It fuels our sun.

It’s hydrogen.

Almost 10 years ago, I remember reading an article with Wired magazine about the notion of creating a hydrogen economy. I then read Jeremy Rifkin’s “The Hydrogen Economy” and ever since then, I’ve known that there’s a better way.

The Wired article suggested that the total cost of creating a hydrogen economy would be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $100 billion. This would be the investment required to virtually end our dependence on oil. If the 10:1 ratio applied for Canada, the total investment (at the time) would have been $10 billion.

(By the way: Jim Flaherty just slashed $14.5 billion in corporate tax cuts and is spending anywhere between $5 and $20 billion per year on defense and security initiatives).

The only issue is that nearly $1 trillion is made each year selling oil to the masses. Giving up that kind of revenue would be economic foolishness. Right?

Think again: when consumers stop spending on gas, they will be able to save their funds for more productive activities, like health care, social spending and improving the infrastructure of our cities.

Also, companies that are started today that will be focused on hydrogen-consuming vehicles and buildings will be leaders in the global economy for decades to come.

Just think: if someone said, “you’ve got a chance to start the next Microsoft or Google”, what would you do?

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