Moving from Critique to Leadership

I love the conclusion of this article:

We are at a moment when progressives will have to move from critique to prescription. As Naomi Klein argued in the Shock Doctrine, neo liberalism took advantage of past crises by having a set of coherent prescriptions ready to hand to advance to policy-makers. We are just beginning to define a new global agenda to replace the neo liberal prescription which has led into the current crisis.

Most progressives understand that there’s a language, a lexicon, a database and history that favours the Friedman-based mentality of cut/slash, reduce, humiliate and destroy credible programs, but we also know that there’s a better way.

I’ll go on record as suggesting that we use a number of the ‘collective’ tools such as chat forums and social networks to elaborate on strategies for pushing us from critiquing the status-quo to actually showing some leadership.

Next steps?

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