“Harper is Canada’s Nixon”

A number of writers and publishers have made the connection between Canada’s Stephen Harper and impeached US-President Richard Nixon. Too bad the original article from The Guardian is from the UK.

Here’s a sample:

The Canadian Nixon, From the Guardian, UK

Canadians have never had a prime minister who has literally made his career attacking and undermining the legitimacy of Canadian institutions.

Until now.

Summary of major issues:

  • War on media
  • War on peace (turning Canada’s peacekeepers into NATO grunts)
  • War on the courts
  • Attacks on Elections Canada
  • Unwillingness to uphold the Constitional Rights of Canadian Citizens, regardless of where they might be

Favourite quotes:

Never has a prime minister publicly attacked a non-partisan election official in such a manner, essentially for partisan gain. The same goes for most of his party, which this week accused Elections Canada of a partisan witch-hunt, being in bed with the Liberals and the media and any other number of tin-foil-hat conspiracies. Of course, unsurprisingly, Harper and the Conservatives have blocked every other effort to examine the scheme in Parliament.

But then again, no one should be surprised. If it’s not the media, or the courts, or the Senate, or Elections Canada, it’s the Wheat Board, the federal government’s own spending power, the bureaucracy, the gun registry … .

Canadians should rightly wonder why their head of government has such a problem with so many Canadian institutions.

Comment on “The Canadian Nixon”

Let’s hope the name sticks.

Harper Lies to Canada Like Bush Lies to America.

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