Hollywood: Pentagon Mouthpiece?

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A reminder that Hollywood has long been a mouthpiece for the military and that “Liberal Hollywood” is a myth.

Full story here.

From this story, there was another link, which brought me to a review of the book “The Complex: How the Military Invades our Everyday Lives”. Here’s a quote:

In fact, the Pentagon payroll is a veritable who’s who of the top companies in the world: IBM; Time-Warner; Ford and General Motors; Microsoft; NBC and its parent company, General Electric; Hilton and Marriott; Columbia TriStar Films and its parent company, Sony; Pfizer; Sara Lee; Procter & Gamble; M&M Mars and Hershey; Nestlé; ESPN and its parent company, Walt Disney; Bank of America; and Johnson & Johnson among many other big-name firms. But the difference between now and then isn’t only in scale. As this list suggests, Pentagon spending is reaching into previously neglected areas of American life: entertainment, popular consumer brands, sports. This penetration translates into a remarkable variety of forms of interaction with the public.

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  1. Fair enough. I’ll look into getting ads from folks that are a little more responsible.

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