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    Excited Delirium Book: Chapter Index

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    Chapter 1 Prelude

    Chapter 1: Kite Intro

    Chapter 2: An OMNINet Employee

    Chapter 3: They Call Me Mr. Kite

    Chapter 4: Greyrock (Protect the Oil)

    Chapter 5: Introduction to Griffith Garamond

    Chapter 6: Kite Resignation Letter

    Chapter 7: The OMNINet: From Good Intentions …

    Chapter 8: Kite Meets an Employment Counselor

    Chapter 9: The Garamond Guy

    Chapter 10: Made In China

    Chapter 11: Introducing the MOMYS

    Chapter 12: Diversify Greyrock

    Chapter 13: China – Actions in the Strait of Hormuz

    Chapter 14: Kite’s Love Life

    Chapter 15: INC Story – The Univists

    Chapter 16: Mr. Kite – Between Assignments

    Chapter 17: Greyrock, Part II

    Chapter 18: MOMYS II

    Chapter 19: The Death of Garamond’s Wife

    Chapter 20: Kite’s New Gig

    Chapter 21: MOMYS III

    Chapter 22: Greyrock III

    Chapter 23: China Sells Weapons to Taliban

    Chapter 24: Kite: Introducing Chaos & Hummus

    Chapter 25: MOMYS IV

    Chapter 26: OMNINet Home Care

    Chapter 27: China News (Poison Found in Kids Clothing

    Chapter 28: Kite Thoughts on Religion

    Chapter 29: MOMYS V – More Context

    Chapter 30: MOMYS VI – Heather’s Going

    Chapter 31: Kite & Eddie Meet Again

    Chapter 31: Kite & Eddie Meet Again, Part II

    Chapter 33: China News (SCO Grows Stronger)

    Chapter 34: Kite’s Team Regroups

    Chapter 35: Kite Meets Pigeon

    Chapter 36: OMNINet (Greyrock IV)

    Chapter 37: Heather’s Gone

    Chapter 38: FAB (Female and Barren)

    Chapter 39: OMNINet (Efforts with the FCC)

    Chapter 40: Kite Listens In

    Chapter 41: Garamond and his marvelous house

    Chapter 42: Greyrock (Afghan Mission)

    Chapter 43: OMNINet TRI-X IPO

    Chapter 44: China News – The Dragon is Buying

    Chapter 45: Kite Infiltrates the OMNINet

    Chapter 46: OMNINet’s Big Meeting

    Chapter 47: Kite Infiltrates the OMNINet, Part II

    Chapter 48: OMNINet (Big Meeting, Big Plans)

    Chapter 49: Kite Reports Back

    Chapter 50: Kite’s Recording of Garamond

    Chapter 51: Kite Enlists Eddie

    Chapter 52: Eddie Works out the Pieces

    Chapter 53: Greyrock – Bringin’ it Home

    Chapter 54: Eddie Works out the Pieces, II

    Chapter 55: Greyrock – Bringin’ it Home, II

    Chapter 56: Eddie Confronts Kite

    Chapter 57: Eddie Gets Info Too Late

    Chapter 58: Garamond Meets with Daniels

    Chapter 59: Diana’s Next Steps

    Chapter 60: Eddie Brings Files Back to Kite

    Chapter 61: Garamond on 888

    Chapter 62: 888 Tremors

    Chapter 63: Sasha Pigeon’s Funeral

    Chapter 63: Sasha Pigeon’s Funeral

    Chapter 64: The Great 08 Quake

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