July 7, 2008

Climate Change: Time to Move Beyond Lowest Common Denominator

By Author-ED

Our leaders (at least those from Canada, the US and Japan) all argue at the G8 Summit that they will not push for major changes to any guidelines or reductions in C02 emissions. They argue that they will not take such action until countries like India and China take action as well.

Since when have we evolved or improved our general state of development as a species when we reduced ourselves to the lowest common denominator?

Since when do we say, "everyone is losing, so I’m going to lose as well"? Think of the Olympics. Someone’s just about to pull ahead to win the 100m dash and all of a sudden, everyone stops dead in their tracks, horrified by the prospect of success. "I don’t want the stress of winning a gold medal," they’ll say. "I’d much rather kick back in 10th place, because I don’t want to make my other friends feel bad."

What a crock!

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