September 6, 2008

Geroge Bush: World’s Greatest Socialist?

By Author-ED

Bloomberg story used as inspiration.

Another day, another bailout.

The corporate world and Republicans Conservatives in Canada cry fowl when $10 or $20 million is ‘misspent’ on the arts, but it’s OK to funnel hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayers money to inept managers and businesses in the wake of the financial instability in the US (and that’s spreading to normally stable countries like Canada and those in the EU).

We repeatedly have enormous faith in ‘the invisible hand’ of the market, and yet it’s failing all around us.  Corporate welfare is on the upswing (from a massive climb that would have already given a Snowbird pilot a nosebleed), and yet we as citizens fail to rise into uproar.

The Republicans Conservatives recently announced that they would spend up to $80 million on a plant in Windsor.  Why isn’t Ford spending that money from their own pockets?  When they shut out hundreds of unionized employees, will they go on lining their own pockets with the hard-earned money of Canadians?

The Republican Conservative spending spree is exactly what they promised they wouldn’t do, but here we are, aren’t we.  Do the Republican Conservative really think we’re that stupid?  That we can just be bought with our own money?

I guess it worked the last time with the $100 per kid bonus, so I suppose it’ll work again.

Please people:  learn how to see throught the mire that they’re spreading around.