How Jack Can Beat Steve

Jack Layton is the best candidate for leading Canada.  There.  I said it.

In order to win that title, he’s going to have to get Steve to show his true colours.  Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Constantly refer to him as a ‘bully’ or ‘thug’ as opposed to being ‘strong’
  • Say he’s the world’s greatest socialist, one to admire, for all of the recent pre-election spending announcements
  • Always call him ‘Steve’, alluding to his close alliance with George W. Bush, the most reviled President in US history
  • Show ads with Steve and Bush hugging, shaking hands, being good buddies.
  • Ask ‘where was Steve’ with a number of issues, including the Ontario economy, the massive food recall, the Sunrise Propane explosion, the devastating truck crash on the 401/404 recently and so on.
  • Try depicting Steve as having just a little more personality than Darth Vader
  • "He’s not a minivan dad, he’s an Esca-lady"

And Dion?  Well, given that he’s unproven as leader, Jack again become the only real option.

One comment on “How Jack Can Beat Steve

  1. On day T minus one, I notice an uplifting attitude from people supporting Jack Layton and the NDP. It’s that Jack can beat Stephen Harper. If the cards are played correctly, the NDP could possibly form the government. The naysayers say that it is impossible, but anything is possible in a 37 day campaign.

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