September 6, 2008

Taxpayer’s Federation: Stephen Harper a Socialist?

By Author-ED

Breakdown of spending promises here here & supporting story here .

OK … I’ll admit that maybe even I’m going a little far with that moniker, but it seems very well earned.  Nearly $9 billion in campaign promises and we haven’t even started the Canadian Election campaign.  Anyone that relies that heavily on the public coffers to dig the economy out of the ruin the Republicans Conservatives created, has to be labelled a socialist.  There are no options.

What else do you call them?  Pink Tories?

What happened to the wonders of the ‘invisible hand’ of the market?  Why did you launch into those tax breaks two years ago, when all they’ve done is forced us into a deficit position?

Dion’s right:  the Liberals corrected the spending fury of the previous Republican Conservative government and they’ll likely do it again.

Of course, if Jack Layton wants to win, all he has to do is refer to this kind of press and, in as light a way as possible, make sure Canadians have a very good understanding that he’d never be able to outspend this kind of Republican Conservative desparation.