Day: November 4, 2008

November 4, 2008

A New ‘Platform’:

i signed up with last week and will likely start using it a lot more in the coming weeks to promote a number of initiatives that I’m working on, as well as work with others to develop visibility for their products and/or services. Idealist is a pretty comprehensive activist and social network.  The number of people using the site ranks in the tens of […]

November 4, 2008

Free markets fail

Duncan Cameron of discusses in this article how the free market has, and continues to, fail us. I copied the following: … price setting is not politically neutral after all. The market does not abolish power relationships: it facilitates the accumulation of market power in fewer and fewer corporate hands. The accumulation of economic power leads straight to the concentration of political power and […]

November 4, 2008

The Night of the Shredders and Black Markers

Obama will win the US election.  I know he will.  I hope he will. There’s still the outside chance that pre-programmed electronic voting will steal it from him, at which point, there will be a complete meltdown in the US. However, I remain cautiously optimistic that his margin of lead is so broad that not even Rovian corruption can steal this election from the man […]