Day: November 6, 2008

November 6, 2008

Government 2.0

Welcome to Gov 2.0. Barack Obama has released his site, . I was a little overwhelmed late Tuesday night when things were finalized, but I’m really touched now that Obama has really gone overboard with making the web a central place to discuss American … everything. I am impressed.  Scratch everything I said about change being just pennies for Main Street. For Canada:  read […]

November 6, 2008

A Chilling Reminder about Electronic Voting

We all had some pretty nasty fears heading into the election thinking things like:  "Would the GOP be stupid enough to rig it despite Obama’s massive lead?" or "would it just be the ‘swing states’ where problems would arise?" Thankfully, none of that bullshit happened (again).  If it did, I’m sure the million or so in Chicago would have fanned out across the States and […]

November 6, 2008

Change is coming …

I’m loathe to be critical of someone who is promising change and who hasn’t even had a chance to sit in the big chair yet, but when Obama promised ‘change’, was he just talking about pocket change, like pennies and nickels? This announcement makes me feel that way.  Appointing another alumnus from Goldman Sachs to the Department of Treasury doesn’t really smell like ‘change’.  It […]