Stephen Harper hates democracy

I’ve pasted my comments from this article .  I’m very annoyed with the Conservative response to the efforts to form a coalition.  Back room deal?  Since when was Harper ever transparent with Canadians?


Wow.  Lots of comments.  I’m not sure if I’ll be repeating what’s already been said, but here are some thoughts:

1.  62.4% of Canadians does not want the Conservatives to run this country, at least according to the popular vote.
2.  The Conservatives do not have a plan.  They did not have one during the election and they obviously do not have one now, since they are not doing what the rest of the world is doing:  stimulating a failing economy.  Tax cuts didn’t work, Jim.
3.  A coalition is perfectly legal and within the rule of law in Canada.  Saying it’s not is a bold-faced lie.  Saying they’re working behind closed doors is the extreme in hypocrisy, given the complete media shut-out that we’ve had to tolerate over the last 2.5 years of Conservative ‘leadership’.
4.  Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty and the rest of the Cons hate democracy.  Cutting $30 million from the public financing of campaigns will not prove anything.  Try cutting a few billion from the Department of Defence instead.
5.  It’s time the Conservatives accept their fate:  their belief structure and ideology is outdated and destructive.  Leaving them in charge to repair what faces us in Canada would be a disaster, as it has been in the US and the UK.
6.  In light of these observations, allowing the Conservatives to continue to run our country would be a grave mistake, given that they are ideologically different than the newly-elected Obama government in the US.

The level of anger mystifies me from the Conservative camps.  You act with a sense of defiance and entitlement.  It was decided that, using our antiquated voting system, the Conservatives would lead, but you’re entitled to nothing if you can’t cooperate with the rest of Canada.

Shame on you.

4 comments on “Stephen Harper hates democracy

  1. you NLP's (new liberal party) are all the same. Always looking for a hand out from our government, and its always about you never the will of the people. The conservatives were voted into power BY THE CANADIAN PUBLIC. I hope the opposition does topple the government over losing their handout. That will prove to the Canadian people what you are all about. How long do you think it will be before we are back at the polls, and this time because of the undemocratic actions of the opposition the conservatives will get their majority.

  2. 2. It's more likely they have a plan, but won't talk about it. Secrecy, you know.

    4. Strongly agreed, though I'd debate the size of cuts to DND (we're below per capita compared with everyone else in NATO).

    Think about it – major parties (Lib, NDP, PC, BQ) competed for years, but never tried to destroy each other. The Conservatives aren't competing, their out to destroy the competition, which means something very different.

  3. Vince, Democracy is about more than majority rule. Simple majority rule is itself tyranny.

    I wouldn't be upset if the Conservatives get a majority through fair means, by proposing a more desirable choice. IMHO they didn't do that in October.

  4. Hi Vince,

    Sorry buddy … but you're not great with the math, are you? The Cons are using an antiquated voting system to shaft nearly 70% of the Canadian voting public with ideological backwater. Don't let Stephen Harper and his pack of liars convince you otherwise.

    Do you really think that's what this is all about? Just a bunch of greedy politicians looking for a handout? How can you really believe that when that's all the Cons can do is give cash to their buddies on Bay Street or to the Defence industry? A billion or two off the military budget and we wouldn't be having this discussion, would we?

    This is about democracy in Canada. The Harpies don't believe in it. If they did, they would respect the voice of the majority of Canadian voters and they would find a way to negotiate with the other parties. However, because they insist of getting the big truck in the sandbox, they deserve a little time out.

    Maybe you can help me by answering one simple question for me please: why support the Conservatives? Because they're so good at screwing up economies? Or is it that you get juicy contracts from the defence industry? I don't understand why someone would support them, so please … tell me why they're worth supporting. Just a couple of reasons.

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