Day: December 2, 2008

December 2, 2008

A Solution for Canadian Parliament: Acknowledge The Long Tail

For those of you who don’t understand the Long Tail , check out what the concept’s creator, Steve Anderson, has to say about it . Generally, the idea is this:  we live in a world of fragmentation and being ‘number one’ is no longer as important as representing all opportunities in the economic (or social or political) spectrum. There’s really nothing new to the idea:  […]

December 2, 2008

Nestle: Product Ban?

As the City of Toronto and other municipalities wrestle with ways to moderate the volume of waste resulting from plastic bottles, Nestle has been accused of engaging in potentially misleading advertising, at least according to the sources quoted in this article . For me, it seems like the answer is really quite simple:  stop drinking bottled water (or other liquids) . We’re very fortunate, in […]