Day: January 7, 2009

January 7, 2009

Canada Declares War on the UN?

Yesterday, in a shameless and defiant act against the UN, Israeli forces mercilessly pounded a UN-funded Palestinian school in the Gaza strip.  While the number of dead are unconfirmed, most will likely be children. Story here . Israelis and other claim that the Hamas were using the school as a ‘shield’.  It’s very possible, but still doesn’t vindicate this kind of wrath. By definition, this […]

January 7, 2009

China to Reduce $US Transactions

Please note:  the opinions expressed in this blog do not constitute financial advice.  Any investment action that you take in response to this article or other articles on this blog (or other blogs, for that matter) should be done with the support or review of a registered financial advisor. The government of China has announced that it will reduce the volume of $US transactions, mainly […]