Media Dictionary: Arab-Israeli Conflict

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Fantastic link !  I’ve repasted some below, just in case the link disappears.  I haven’t pasted the rules, but maybe we should all start using them in order to get some visibility with the Canadian public?


Caught in the Crossfire: When Palestinian civilians are killed.
Retaliation: When Israeli army or settlers kill Palestinians.
Escalation: (synonym/can be used interchangeably with Provocation): Any act of violence or resistance by the Palestinians.
Murdered: When Israeli Civilians are killed.
Brutal/cowardly/ghastly: adjectives describing attacks on Israelis.
Self defense: Any act of violence by Israelis .
Terrorism: Any act of violence by the Palestinians.
Civilians: Armed settlers are civilians when killed. Try to avoid using this term for Palestinians.
Neighborhoods: Areas inhabited by Israeli settlers especially if targeted by shooting (light guns)
Positions: Any Palestinian towns and villages especially when bombed by helicopter gunships or raked with large caliber machine guns .
Tragedy: Any Israeli death .
Deserved: Any Palestinian death.
Squatters: Palestinian natives .
Democratic ally: Synonym for Israel.
Disputed Areas: Any Palestinian or Arab land occupied by Israel in defiance of International law.
Anti-Semite: Person condemns Israeli violations of Palestinian civil and human rights.
Victims: Any Jewish Israeli .
Attacker: Any Palestinian engaging in any form of resistance (violent or not). Also see terrorist.
Targets: Palestinian buildings, homes, offices – What the Israeli military designates as military targets.
Attack/bombing/murder: Acts the Palestinians commit when directed at Israelis .
Clashes: This is a difficult term to understand but is generally used when Palestinians die .
Measures (e.g. Economic measures, security measures) : Any acts the Israelis commit (blockades, collective punishment, shelling neighborhoods, starving a population etc) .
Security: Anything the Israeli government chooses to do. This can include land confiscation, extra-judicial killings, home demolitions, destruction of groves, uprooting trees, blockades etc. The term security is reserved for use only with the word Israel or Israeli and must never
be applied to Palestinians. Lashing out: A term reserved for Palestinians and acts they commit against Israelis
Under siege: Again a term for use by the Israelis as in Palestinians have put Israelis under siege. Exact meaning depends on the circumstances. Never use for Palestinian towns or villages.

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2 comments on “Media Dictionary: Arab-Israeli Conflict

  1. One more for the dictionary:

    “What is this garbage you listed above? Are you a Hamas sympathizer?”

    Hamas sympathizer: Someone who disagrees with any action by the Israeli government or military.

    Is someone who is blindly loyal to Israel's military actions a Kach sucker?

  2. I forgot to take off the bold.

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