No more bailouts, please

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Research credit to Impolitical .

There’s really nothing worse than the prospect of hard-line anti-government control-freaks taking over anything, let alone Canadian media.

But that seems to be in the cards, anyways, doesn’t it?

Rumours have swirled for a while about the CBC being cut.  As early as last fall, folks identified that more than $200 million would be cut.  And they were right.  We’re losing valuable and incredibly important services just when we need them most to bring this country together.

Now rumours are back, only this time, they’re about the prospect of a bunch of moochers clammering to their friends in the House to get up to $150 million in ‘one-time’ support from the Federal Government.  Original CBC story on the issue .

There are no excuses that will justify this pathetic abuse of public finance.  Financial crisis?  They were falling apart before GM cut their ad budgets.  Losing audience?  Stop treating them like morons.  Can’t pay your bills?  Stop trying to monopolize the Canadian media industry.


The Canadian public will no longer tolerate the blatant abuse of our money.

One comment on “No more bailouts, please

  1. Right on! Global and CTV are already indirectly subsidized by legislation that allows them to stomp on US ads on simulcast network programs (allowing them to sell ads to Canadian advertisers).

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