October 27, 2009

The New “F” Word

By admin

Growing up, I hardly assumed that the word ‘Flu’ would become the ‘F’ word of the new millennium.

Of course, as crowds grow more irrational, driven by an unprecedented fear-mongering campaign from our beloved media, the word ‘flu’ will translate to other words:  ‘anti-social’, ‘quarantine’, ‘stay away’ and ‘if you cough, get off’.

I read through the news and headlines and none have grabbed me more than that of Obama announcing that the US has entered a state of emergency because of the H1N1 virus.

Based on what?  I read through this article provided by Mercola and was astounded at the level of dis-information that’s being circulated in the media and by our governments.  It’s hit a point where people actually think that there are two strains of vaccine available and that the better ones are being reserved for government officials in a two-tier delivery plan.

The good news is that one story leaked through the tight grip of our national story tellers and I discovered that more than half the population will refuse to get the vaccination.  I no longer feel alone in my concern about the vaccine and my distrust of the hype surrounding the issue.

Where are your thoughts on this?  Do you think we’ve been whipped into a frenzy or is this important to the bigger potential health issues?  I know I won’t be shot, but are you going to change your mind when you hear about kids in the neighbourhood keeling over from what we’ll be told is H1N1?

Would your opinion about the flu vaccine be different if you knew that the pharma companies were going to provide the vaccine at no cost or at cost price to our governments, rather than spin this story into an unprecedented profit opportunity?