Don’t Shoot Me: Boy Suffers From Rare Disease After H1N1 Shot

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This story from MSNBC captures the essence of why I’m OK with letting other people get their shot at my expense.

As I read about how a young boy lost most of his muscle control after getting the H1N1 vaccination, this quote struck me:

Since the start of the H1N1 vaccine campaign, the CDC has repeatedly warned that certain conditions, such as miscarriage, heart attack and even GBS occur regardless of immunization, and officials have urged the public not to blame the vaccine for the illnesses, but to report promptly any suspected side effects.

And of the reported 4,000 plus people that have died from H1N1 (without any indication of time period), some of those people actually had H1N1.

Meanwhile, in Canada, I read a report that the original estimated cost per vaccination was $16.  Very reasonable, I suppose.

However, now that the media has done a sufficient job of whipping the public into a frenzy, that price has nearly doubled to $30.

When the Conservative government promised Canada that all Canadians would have access to the vaccine, did they not think to book the original price in a contract?  What kind of business people are these folks?

And what picture does that paint of the supplier?  Should this 100% increase in price (with no limit in place) be considered extortion?

It’s a good thing Canadians have bottomless pockets.

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