January 29, 2010

Cons, not Senate, Responsible for Canadian Bills Being Put on Hold

By admin

It’s a big day for Slippery Steve.

He’s dodged a bullet on responsibility for Omar Khadr.

He’s now stacked the Senate with fellow Cons.

Now, thank Jeebus, the Cons can get on with some serious work with the draconian crime bills that they’ve been trying to ram through the Senate.

Oh yeah.  They can’t.  They were all cancelled when the BS factory went into high gear and Slippery Steve put the locks on Canadian democracy and an inquiry into Afghan detainee issues.

What’s next?  Blowing up Parliament for Steve’s new castle?

This is getting ridiculous …

My suggestion:  the opposition MPs start earning their pay, get their damn act together (NOW!) and have legislation ready for March 3 that has two components:

  1. Abolition of the Senate
  2. Introduction of Porportional Representation

Never again, Canada.  Never again.