Life After Prorogue

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We’re into Day 3 now of no government in Canada, even though folks like Tony Clement are negotiating horrendously draconian pieces of legislation related to communications and ACTA, and I wanted to wonder about what we (namely the 200,000+ interested citizens that joined the no prorogue Facebook page) should do next.

A lot of ideas are jumping into my head like popcorn, but I have an immediate suggestion:  we use the CAPP No Prorogue Facebook Page to push users to a “Legal Defence Fund for Richard Colvin (and other public whistleblowers)” page.  Slippery Steve needs to face up to the law of the land, even if he thinks he can alter it under our noses.

Richard Colvin has been left out in the cold by his government, but his people should not neglect him.

From there, I suggest we start to really actively manage our own democracy and send all 308 MPs a strong message that we’ve had enough of this bullshit.  This has to be a non-partisan act of solidarity to get rid of the Conservative Party of Canada.  Forever.

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  1. Have you heard about the Torch Relay for Democracy? Its a cross-Canada event starting on the east and west coast. Each community will design and make their own “torch” and organize a run. We’ll do different communities throughout February (starting on the 13th) and culminating on a run in Ottawa on March 3rd, the day Parliament resumes. Great way to get people creatively engaged and keep the issue going at the local level, what are your thoughts?

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