The Big BOO

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In just a few days, Stephen Harper will likely be at the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

In response to his autocratic ways and near-fascist control of the parliamentary process in this country, I propose a simple idea:  The Big Boo.

All citizens who attend the games, whether it’s for the opening, closing or something in between, boo any Conservative that’s trying to leverage the Games to improve on their own status.

And save the Biggest Boo for our Grand Poobah, Slippery Steve.

3 comments on “The Big BOO

  1. I would prefer it if people chanted: “Get back to work”. But I am fine with a Big Boo.

  2. It would be nice if the audience could “boo” Stephen Harper. I don’t think this will happen. Some of the spectators will be international visitors who may not know or care about Harper. Canadians who are in the audience will have spent several hundred dollars on tickets. They may not be concerned about democracy or the economy the way other Canadians will be.

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