April 15, 2010

Some Questions About Jaffer Questions

By admin

I’m late in the game about critiquing the various shenanigans of Geurgis and Jaffer, but I’m noticing one important trend:  if you work for the CPC, be prepared to be thrown under a bus if you even remotely come close to f***ing up.

It’s a pretty ballsy thing to suggest and I would be the last person on the planet to actually defend the likes of Guergis or Jaffer, but look at the press releases that have come out in the last week or so:

  • Rather than quietly accept a resignation, a major press release and whirly circus-like routine is launched, including a threat that there are ‘impending investigations’, simultaneously causing the Libs and Dippers to chase after said ‘shiny object’ like a dog after a laughing squirrel.  Good luck, Helena with your next job hunt.  Try explaining the investigation that no one will launch!
  • The release of expense reports related to a big whopping $1000 or so on ‘other expenses’ by Guergis, along with what I can only assume are officially sanctioned flights and trips made on behalf of Canada but charged to the public.  Are these people supposed to pay for flights out of pocket?
  • Jaffer’s questionable business dealings and accusations that he was lobbying other ministers with his environmental business while in office.


I heard Jim Prentice on the radio today say that he was approached by Jaffer A YEAR AGO with solicitations related to his business.  If it was such a big issue, and has instantly become such a big issue, why the hell wasn’t this reported A YEAR AGO?

Which opens up a bigger question:  if this wasn’t reported A YEAR AGO how do we know the entire caucus isn’t running around making other business deals behind the backs of Canadians?  What other conversations in the hallways happened A YEAR AGO (or more or recently) that we should bring to light? Are other MPs of the governing party working with businesses on the side pitching to their buddies for sweet, no-questions-asked contracts?

Is what we’re hearing just the tip of the iceberg?

Do actions, regardless of how questionable they were A YEAR AGO, only get publicized when you’re out to lampoon people that work for you and screwed up?

I’m not one to support the Liberals with their AdScam program, but isn’t this activity in the halls of Parliament just as disgusting?  Have I missed something here?  Have I misunderstood what’s supposed to be happening in the halls of Parliament?

How many scandals are enough, Canada?  How many?