Support the Gun Registry! Call These MPs and Defeat Bill C-391!

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Jack Layton has decided that he won’t ‘whip’ his MPs with respect to the private member’s bill to destroy the gun registry.

Has he decided that a few rural ridings are more important than the safety of all Canadians?

Has he decided that it’s best to act without a vision than to have one and risk losing a vote or two?

Has he decided that it’s OK to continue to prop up the Harper Regime at the expense of all Canadians?

I guess so, which makes it all the more important to contact the following MPs immediately and express your desire to see Private Member’s Bill C-391 DEFEATED!

Please copy/paste/share these addresses with your friends and family!

Here’s a quick list of all of the email addresses:L,,,,,,,,,,,

Allen, Malcolm
T: 905-788-2204
Ottawa: 613-995-0988

Angus, Charlie
Timmins/James Bay
T: 705-567-2747
Ottawa: 613-992-2919

Ashton, Niki
T: 866-785-0522
Ottawa: 613-992-3018

Bevington, Dennis
Western Arctic
T: 867-873-6995
Ottawa: 613-992-4587

Cullen, Nathan
Skeena Bulkley Valley
T: (250) 877-4140
Ottawa: 613 993 6654

Gravelle, Claude
Nickel Belt
T: 705-897-2222
Ottawa: 613-995-9107

Hughes, Carol
Algoma / Manitoulin / Kapuskasing
T: 705-848-8080
Ottawa: 613-996-5376

Hyer, Bruce
Thunder Bay / Superior North
T: 807-345-1818
Ottawa: 613 996 4792

Maloway, Jim
Elmwood / Transcona
T: 204-984-2499
Ottawa: 613-995-6339

Rafferty, John
Thunder Bay / Rainy River
T: 807-623-6000
Ottawa: 613 992 3061

Stoffer, Peter
Sackville / Eastern Shore
T: 902-861-2311
Ottawa: 613-995-5822

Thibeault, Glenn
T: 705-673-7107
Ottawa: 613-996-8962

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2 comments on “Support the Gun Registry! Call These MPs and Defeat Bill C-391!

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  2. […] Jack won’t whip (or at least kindly ask) his rural MPs to vote against the private member’s bill in the House of Commons.  For more background on this, read my original post. […]

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