WTF? Shots fired near G20 site and they get away?

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No offense intended to our finest officers in the country, most of whom seem to be in Toronto at the moment, but news comes out that someone has fired an array of shots and they don’t catch him?


We’ve just blown more than $1.2 billion (and climbing) on ‘security’ and Yosemite Sam just walks away?


THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL.  It seems like someone has just stolen $1.2 billion from Canadian taxpayers, so I suggest a full audit of who’s getting the money.

2 comments on “WTF? Shots fired near G20 site and they get away?

  1. The events of the past few days in eygpt bring to light how corrupt any and all current government bodies can be. And it really is a shame. We entrust these leaders with our trust that they will do what is right for the people that put them in the position of power and they abuse it, often times rather blatantly. I applaud the eyptian people for standing up for themselves. it is my hope that the people will be heard & that the current government will do the right thing (stepping down if need be). But I also hope that whatever leadership takes control will be one that truly will workon behalf of the eyptian people.

  2. Did anyone catch the State of The Union Speech Tuesday night? Don’t know if you feel like I do, but I’m tired of the all the political bullsh_t that these politcians spout. All the grandstanding, just to make themselves look good. I thought that maybe with Republicans gaining the House and the numbers in the Senate much closer that maybe they would have a chance to effect change. But I see that nothing but gridlock and pointing fingers will come of this for the next 2 years. How sad.

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