Minister of Defense … of Ridiculous Wastes of Taxpayer Money

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I have come to realize that the Conservative Regime is built on three platforms:

  • Fear
  • Fear and
  • Fear

The Conservatives have nothing else of substance with their policy objectives and all Canadians will eventually feel the boot of fascism on their necks if we don’t get rid of this government.

In implementing these platforms, they have three essential budgets:

The latest announcement from our Minister of Defending Ridiculously Large Wastes of Canadian Taxpayer Dollars is towards an untendered contract to someone who’s likely very close to the Conservative fear machine.  And this interview on CBC is the biggest pile of bulls**t I’ve heard in a long time, using the rationale of ‘our neighbours are hyperspending on wasteful killing machines, so we simply have to hyperspend on even more useless killing machines’.

This stuff really pisses me off.

Where’s the ‘peace-loving, let’s move the world forward’ Canada that I grew up in?

Where are the ‘bake sales for bombers’ that companies like Lockheed Martin should have to worry about as opposed to corrupt back-room back-scratch deals that we’re seeing rolled out by the Cons?

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