November 6, 2010

The Star Posts an Empty Piece on Vaccinations

By admin

Before you read this very superficial Star article related to vaccinations, check out this piece, this piece and this piece by Dr. Mercola, someone that supported vaccines until very recently.

This article started in the right direction, but failed to give me anything tangible.  It didn’t offer anything to either side of this argument over vaccinations.  As a family, we opted to avoid vaccinations.  We don’t know what’s in the ‘ingredient’ list.  Rumour has it that pleasant items like formaldehyde, various animal derivatives and even mercury are used in vaccines.  I’d sooner suck on a tailpipe of a diesel truck for an hour than have a modern bitches brew of toxins dumped into me.

We also didn’t learn anything about what the Big Pharma industry gets out of each shot.  Make no mistake that this is a massive industry and it’s imperative to the bottom line of all Pharma companies to keep the mass hysteria going as it relates to disease or illness.  Has anyone ever evaluated the impact of treating a disease as it happens if it happens as opposed to blanketing the western world with products that won’t have known effects until people are in their later stages of life?  I know it’s an unpleasant thought, but surely there’s a tipping point somewhere in that discussion.

By now, I’ve certainly pissed off all of the sheeple who would be very happy to jam a couple of hyperdermics into my arm for a few weeks so that they could feel safe from disease, but get this:  I’m all for vaccinations.  In fact, I readily admit that they have been one of the the best medical treatments to enter our system since washing our hands.

However, it’s an industry now and it’s been corrupted.  We’re not people with legitimate concerns, we’re part of the ‘herd’ that has to be contained.  Treat me like a human being and show me and my family some respect and I’ll respect the community at large.  I don’t trust Big Pharma to clean up vaccines like I don’t trust the oil companies to clean up the Tar Sands tailings ponds.

Anyways, let’s focus on the bright side.  Here’s what would make me be the first in line for getting my next onslaught of shots:

  • A national online database that anyone could access any time where they would add data about their side-effects or those of their children.  Any more than 10 complaints would trigger a public investigation.
  • A regular calculator that would show the amount of profit that each shot generates for the Pharma industry
  • A transition to a public and nationalized vaccination program.  These treatments apparently haven’t changed for decades so these products should belong to the public.  Public safety should not generate billions in profits for the Pharma industry at the expense of taxpayers
  • A full and complete ingredient list of all vaccinations that are used on any citizen, along with an ‘English’ or layman’s description of what these ingredients are
  • Full public studies into the side-effects of vaccines and a comparison of the cost of immunizing the greater population compared to the impact of minor outbreaks

And stop talking about ‘herd coverage’.  The expression makes me want to puke.

I like to think I’m a human being.  What are you?