The Tyranny of the Minority Comes to an End

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Stephen Harper’s Canada is no longer.

With any luck, we’ll return to just plain Canada.

You remember plain old Canada, right?

The Canada that was a member of the UN.

The Canada that spent more keeping its people secure instead of in security.

The Canada that believed in democracy.

The Canada that had full time jobs.

The Canada that had a manufacturing base.

The Canada that believed in supporting all of our kind, regardless of race, creed or colour.

The Canada that was free of right-wing-nut corruption and favours.

The Canada that didn’t manipulate media for a single person’s ego.

OK … so a few of the items are a little on the side of shangri-la, but I’m freakin’ relieved to see that putz out of office and on the election trail so that he can finally face the angry eyes of Canada.

Let’s just hope that the supposed 43% that support these criminals are either sick on election day or they awake from their pale and ridiculous slumber of ignorance.  How can you truly believe that dollars trump democracy?

5 comments on “The Tyranny of the Minority Comes to an End

  1. It will be interesting to see the platforms that are put forward. Right now there’s a lot of confusion as to why one choice might be better than another. There’ll need to be a compelling reason to vote for an option, or else vote splits may create undesired consequences.

  2. All the parties are bad and corrupt. The Conservatives just seem to do it the best.

    We need to look beyond the lies and the party propaganda, and put our politicians in the hot seat. It is time to force our politicians to work for us.

    Please, Excided Delerium, join me and others this election campaign as a ruthless skeptic so we can restore true democracy to this country!

  3. Good list. And there is so much more we could add, including:

    The Canada that respected the rights of women in reproductive choice and pay equity.

    The Canada that was one of the first to recognize Same Sex Marriage and the LGBT rights.

  4. Thanks Bruce, for the feedback!

    To be honest, I don’t feel like any are worthy and I think this election will be the last time we see any of the ‘leaders’ as heads of their respective parties. You’re right about vote splitting, which is why (unfortunately) all Canadian voters need to think in terms of priority: is it more important to vote a specific party line or is it important to identify that as long as the member is NOT a Conservative, then I’m OK with that?

    With that in mind, I’m personally doing everything I can to support ‘get out and vote’ organizations like and catch22 with a full understanding that the primary objective is to do everything possible to eliminate Con seats in the next election. Even though we’ve been been given a relatively short time-frame, I think we can do a lot to ensure that the Cons don’t see Ottawa after May.

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