MayDay 2011: Don’t Like A Question? Drown It Out

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The Conservaclones drownout tough questions posed towards Stephen Harper.

What’s wrong with these people?

Is a Reichstag Fire next?

2 comments on “MayDay 2011: Don’t Like A Question? Drown It Out

  1. You know, the Libs, the Dippers, the Bloc and the Greens would be screaming “foul” with large letters if they’d had an unwanted surprise happen to them and were given questions that presume it was intentional. But it’s okay to tar the Conservatives, right?

    I make no excuses for Harper’s bubble. His poor candidate in Vancouver South was ambushed by Malik’s presence at a school event. Not his candidate’s fault. Not his party’s fault.

    Stop with the nonsense – it only destroys your own credibility. Focus on things that matter instead (there are no shortage of them).

  2. I’m sorry, but I disagree. I don’t think throwing Conservaclones in front of themselves and avoid the question is a way to encourage a healthy democracy.

    Harper’s doing anything he can to avoid accountability, leadership and responsibility.

    I know this is my extreme bias speaking, but I personally feel that the Conservatives shouldn’t even be an option in this election because they’re so corrupt.

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