MayDay 2011: The Conservative’s New Clothes

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Stephen Harper offers nothing to Canadians in this election.

The Conservative platform is an empty vessel that run on the fumes of partisan politics, cynicism and alienation of the Canadian nation.

There’s nothing new and nothing that’s even close to regurgitated.

Scrapping the Gun Registry is a classic plot to pit voters against each other.  It shows a clear disdain for even the security establishment that the Conservatives pretend to sit behind and support.

Promising regressive changes to tax policy and other economic elements that benefit Canada’s upper class five years from now borders on criminal.

Is your gas tank that empty and you’re so over-committed to wasting money on things we don’t need that Conservatives can’t promise anything that might constitute a creative idea and that might benefit ALL Canadians today?

And where are the promises of openness and accountability that rang so true in the last election?

And today it seems you can’t even come out with ads that are different from the fear-mongering Tea Party turds in the US (with thanks to The Happy Wanderer):

Canadians:  Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada represent a nest of those who are in contempt of what the majority of Canadians stand for and believe in.  They will pretend that they are otherwise.

They are corrupt and conceited.  How can you promise to be accountable when you’re the text book definition of the opposite?

One comment on “MayDay 2011: The Conservative’s New Clothes

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