Rapture-Minded Morons and the Future of the World

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Yesterday’s ‘End of the World’ media circus proves a number of things to me:

  • the end of the world is not coming
  • there are a lot of morons in this country and elsewhere
  • the media are like the inmates running the prison:  they’ll do anything they can to whip people into a frenzy

Harold Camping, leader of Family Radio, and the millions of people like him in the past leverage all of the above to put themselves on a pedastal and take advantage of the world’s simple-minded folk.

It’s sad, really.

The good news:  every time another person like Harold Camping comes along and proves to all of us that the world will continue to outlive all of us.

More importantly, it drives another nail in the coffin of religions that should be dead and studied as myth with good guiding priniciples rather than religion which should be taken verbatim.  I include Christianity, Judaism, Islam and others as part of that list.

And when we start to accept the fact that the world will outlive all of us, maybe we’ll stop finding excuses to trash, burn, ravage and destroy every single asset on this planet in our own name and try to preserve something for future generations of global citizens, people who can’t speak for themselves, but who will be very, very pissed with us for not having looked out for them.

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