How Canada Can Cut About $3 Billion – The Easy Way

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That’s right … as the ‘age of austerity’ hits Canadians like a sledgehammer rather than a feather with Tony Clement in charge of cutting at the Treasury Board (can we say Walkerton or maybe Maple Leaf?), here’s a suggestion for something that we should REALLY cut:  funding to the IMF.

These financial demagogues that shove their way into the economic affairs of every country on the planet – particularly those that aren’t abusing their general public with similar austerity programs that we’re about to see in Canada – do not deserve a single penny from us.

The IMF and simliar institutions (eg. World Bank) are nothing but bullies.  They give everyone in the world enough rope to hang themselves and when they do, these ‘prestigious’ organizations come in like two-bit thugs breaking thumbs and chopping off limbs to get their money back.

It’s the greatest form of ecoonomic immorality that we’ve ever created.

And they’re getting paid by us to do the dirty work that our politicians are too cowardly to do.

Here’s a sample of their funding in 2010:


Apparently, it’s OK to give $3 billion per year to these ammoral institutions, but we can’t even fund day care for our kids.

What’s wrong with us?

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