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If Libs are Nazis, What Does That Make the Conservatives?

Conservative MP Larry Miller hauled out the ‘H’ word last week in the House of Commons, suggesting that the Liberals, in their support of the gun registry, are big fans of Hitler.  For some reason, the gun registry was up for discussion in the House (Again? Didn’t the Cons kill this?  Don’t they have anything else on their agenda?  Or is it truly all hidden, like the pundits say?).

As MP Larry Miller retorted,

Sen. Sharon Carstairs said the following [she didn’t]: ‘The registering of hunting rifles is the first step in the social re-engineering of Canadians.’ That is what Adolf Hitler tried to do in the 1930s.

Suggesting that Liberals and NDPers want to allow totalitarian states to come in and rampage our lives.

Enter the Conservatives …

Today, Justice Minister Vic Toews introduced the ‘with us or against us’ line from Herr Bush’s bygone days and suggested that if you’re interested in online privacy, you might as well be a big, fat perv chasing 10 year-olds online.  Because in the Conservative world, it’s black and white.

Apparently, there are NO other options.

The exact quote was (research credit:  ):

anyone opposing the laws favours the rights of child pornographers and organized crime ahead of the rights of lawabiding citizens.

Give it a friggin break.

If the so-called Hitlers are on the opposition, what does that make the Conservatives?

More importantly, who are the morons who voted for these people?

Oh … and by the way?  Know your history:  it was Hitler that used people’s private information as he invaded countries like Holland, which was the epitome of peaceful, respectful people until the Nazis plowed through town. Having a registry wasn’t ‘Hitlerian’.  Using information against people was what Hitler did.

The Conservatives propose to do the exact same thing with your personal online information.

In other words, evil is what evil people do with information, not the information itself.


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