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    “Fone Fraud Fiasco” Finalizes Federal Fate

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    Canada’s Fone Fraud Fiasco threatens to be the biggest corruption scandal uncovered.  Ever.

    I’m mad.  I’m excited.  I’m frustrated.  I’m nervous.

    The lines are finally buzzing with all kinds of demands from Canadian voters:

    • Fire them
    • Catch Harper in his own web
    • Recount, recall, by-elections
    • Restore Canadian democracy

    This shit is hitting the fan.  Big.

    It’s about time the nooks and crannies of the Conservative Party of Canada’s fraudulent activities pissed off enough Canadians to demand that Stephen Harper step down, but will he?

    We know he’s good at blaming junior staffers and others for the mid-deeds and cheating of his party, but will he let go of his clench on power?

    Will he continue to cower in his office, avoiding any responsibility, or will Stephen Harper finally own up to the mess that he’s created or at least enabled?

    What will Canadians do to get justice in our democracy?  Will we demand recall?  Can we?  Will we organize a massive one-day strike against the Conservatives and their threats of austerity, fiscal waste and bloated military expenditures?

    More than 30 ridings are in question now following the Fone Fraud Fiasco, more than enough to eliminate Stephen Harper’s majority.

    How soon before we have our country back?

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