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Why Vic Toews Laws are Worse Than Gun Laws

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Stephen Harper, Vic Toews, Jason Miller and the rest of the lying Conservatives would have us believe that the Gun Registry (now dead) is the incarnation of all evil because it enables the tracking of a very specific group of people and their buying habits.

Well guess what?  The proposed legislation from the Conservatives will do exactly that, but for every Canadian and in much more detail.  And without having to tell you they’re monitoring you.

Take that, gun nuts.  You’re being tracked whether you like it or not.  Unfortunately, the Conservatives are pretending they’re on your side, but they just sold you out with something FAR more worse.

Ooops.  Did they forget to tell all of us this?  That they’ve introduced what amounts to something way more invasive than the gun registry for every single Canadian, despite our opposition to it?

And what bugs me most?  Stephen Harper hides behind his ministers avoiding taking any criticism himself.  It’s shameful that he’s leading this country.

C’mon people:  tell the Conservatives to stay out of our lives.

Sign the Petition now.

Some More Crime Stats for Conservatives to Ignore

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The Globe has repeated an array of crime stats that I’m pretty damn sure Conservatives will ignore, all as part of an important article reminding us that there are GOOD legislators and legal minds out there.

The decision is an important one because it proves that not everyone is behind the idea of stacking yet-to-be-built prisons for the Conservative’s ‘put-everyone-in-jail-that-disagrees-with-us’ crime agenda.

For those who aren’t familiar with these important stats, here’s another exhibit for you to send to your Conservative MP … even though they could care less about the reality of the situation.

Crime has dropped to a 44-year low.  Why we’re committing so much time in the House of Commons to talk about crime, I do not understand.


  • 1980:  0.8 per 100,000 population
  • 2010:  0.5 per 100,000 population
  • Change:  38% decrease


  • 1980:  0.56 per 100,000 population
  • 2010:  0.48 per 100,000 population
  • Change:  14% decrease

Beatings (including Conservative households):

  • 1980:  0.48 per 100,000 population
  • 2010:  0.34 per 100,000 population
  • Change:  29% decrease

And if you have a few moments this afternoon, this page also offers up an interactive map of crime in Canada, seems to show that crime is not an urban issue, but a rural challenge.

In other words, the people that voted for the Conservatives also seem to be the most prone to violence.  Of course, I don’t know this for a fact, but it would be fun to compare Conservative ridings with crime rates.

And if the hypothesis proves true, perhaps Darwinian politics will save Canada in the long run, as the Conservatives start to jail their own supporters with their ‘tough on crime’ agenda.

Ode To A Grecian Burn

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Oh, Greece!  What have you done?
You’ve given up before the war was won.
You laid down before the greedy banks
And told your people they should give thanks
For the promises that you have made
In exchange for debts to be repaid.

Scylla and Charibdes squeeze you down,
While Europa’s Bull tries to steal your crown
The world’s against you, but they forget
Your gift: democracy, agora, and better yet
The roots of Christendom lie at your feet
Perhaps Chiron your healer or even Zeus
Lend so much to carpenter Jesus
Who had once said better to get a camel
Through a needle’s eye, than compel
The money lenders to end their lies
And to expect them to exercise
Any kindness or heart towards these
Great creators on their knees.

Now we hang our heads in shame
And avarice is what we need to blame
The greed of croesus, mannon too
The bankers that declared “screw you”
as you chased the taurean pride
For finances to save your side

You told the rest of the globe
That democracy no longer had a hold
on the fate of your intellectual might
As you shed peace to cast us into the night

Oh Greece, where did you go?
I weep, but not for Papendreou
I cry for all which the world aspires
One’s ability to act on desires
You have proven we are at the end
Of freedom, our unfaithful friend

Our liberties are all for sale
In exchange for TV ads and junk mail
Selling us the latest crap
From the euro pimps who set your trap
Buy we will, and shop we must,
For recovery! In debt we trust!

With apologies to Keats

Greece is a crime scene:

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If Libs are Nazis, What Does That Make the Conservatives?

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Conservative MP Larry Miller hauled out the ‘H’ word last week in the House of Commons, suggesting that the Liberals, in their support of the gun registry, are big fans of Hitler.  For some reason, the gun registry was up for discussion in the House (Again? Didn’t the Cons kill this?  Don’t they have anything else on their agenda?  Or is it truly all hidden, like the pundits say?).

As MP Larry Miller retorted,

Sen. Sharon Carstairs said the following [she didn’t]: ‘The registering of hunting rifles is the first step in the social re-engineering of Canadians.’ That is what Adolf Hitler tried to do in the 1930s.

Suggesting that Liberals and NDPers want to allow totalitarian states to come in and rampage our lives.

Enter the Conservatives …

Today, Justice Minister Vic Toews introduced the ‘with us or against us’ line from Herr Bush’s bygone days and suggested that if you’re interested in online privacy, you might as well be a big, fat perv chasing 10 year-olds online.  Because in the Conservative world, it’s black and white.

Apparently, there are NO other options.

The exact quote was (research credit:  ):

anyone opposing the laws favours the rights of child pornographers and organized crime ahead of the rights of lawabiding citizens.

Give it a friggin break.

If the so-called Hitlers are on the opposition, what does that make the Conservatives?

More importantly, who are the morons who voted for these people?

Oh … and by the way?  Know your history:  it was Hitler that used people’s private information as he invaded countries like Holland, which was the epitome of peaceful, respectful people until the Nazis plowed through town. Having a registry wasn’t ‘Hitlerian’.  Using information against people was what Hitler did.

The Conservatives propose to do the exact same thing with your personal online information.

In other words, evil is what evil people do with information, not the information itself.

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A Good Interpretation of Herr Harper’s Retirement Plans

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The NDP has hit the nail on the head with this simple translation of outrageous spending on stupid projects like the F-35s and bottomless prison budgets.

At least one party is trying to keep the Cons honest.

Perhaps ALL Canadians won’t be so ignorant when the next election comes around.