Excited Delirium

Stories about Excited Delirium, the Shock Economy and a little fiction here and there.

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McGuinty: Your Mouth is Writing Cheques that Your A– Can’t Cash

I call bulls#!t.

I used to sit on the fence when it came to Dalton McGuinty, but now it’s quite clear to me that his intentions are not good for Ontario.

Dalton McGuinty told the public that the billion-dollar boondoggle for an extension of the privately-owned 407 toll highway would remain in the hands of the public, but in what amounts to the same breath, he’s already working to privatize simple public services like driver’s license renewals.

Why is he handing out a billion dollars of our money (as of now, who knows what the actual number will be) to people who do work with dictators and those who help suppress freedom?

Yes, I’m talking about SNC-Lavalin, the same company that made billions off Gaddafi during the golden years of voter suppression and publicly financed prison systems in Libya.

Times were good over there, but it seems that they’ve decided to come back cap in hand for Canadian funds to keep the fat pay cheques going, especially after a wave of corruption scandals have sacked the value of the stock.

What a farce this province has become under the ‘liarship’ of McGuinty.