March 22, 2013

Jim Flaherty: Canada’s Worse Finance Minister (Ever)

By admin

For someone who talks the talk and bullies other provinces and jurisdictions around, Mr. Flaherty should take some of his own advice.

Another budget has been delivered by Mr. Flaherty and the Conservatives, but we’ve somehow added another $26 billion to our ever-growing mountain of debt.  So, if Mr. Flaherty is borrowing money when interest rates are low, why the hell shouldn’t every other Canadian?

Since coming into office, the Conservative Party of Canada – so-called bastions of fiscal management – have increased Canada’s outstanding debt by a whopping $160 billion and counting.  They’ve annihilated surpluses, they’ve slashed revenue sources and they’ve now committed an extra few pennies of every dollar earned to NEW interest payments on this NEW debt.

The biggest problem I have is that no one out there is calling Jim Flaherty or the rest of the Conservatives on this steaming pile of horse turd.  Mainstream media just looks for the ‘goodies’ in the budget and at least a third of all Canadians continue to think that Flaherty and the Conservatives are actually doing a good job, all the while grinding this country into oblivion.

You should all be ashamed.