RBC, Jobs and the Cons

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A lot of people have shown their annoyance, aggravation and irritation with RBC for having announced that they will downsize to another country after the foreign-worker program has been exhausted.

I would argue that this anger is misdirected and that RBC is simply following the law of the land.

Law that was put into place to depreciate the value of contributions from anyone in this country that earns a salary, owns a business or pulls down a wage.

Law that was put into place to make us all compete with working and living conditions that no human being should have to tolerate.

Law that was put into place by a group of Canadian politicians that march to the beat of one drummer:  Tar Sands companies desperately seeking anyone with a pulse to work in their holes.

Law that was put into place by the Conservative Party of Canada.

Why do they hate us SO much?

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