May 12, 2013

100% Guarantee by 100% Corrupt Harper Government

By admin

It’s 100% time to put 100% of the 100% crooked and 100% corrupt Stephen Harper Conservatives behind their 100% publicly funded 100% privately owned prison system.

I’m 100% astounded and 100% shocked that Peter Mackay would be 100% idiotic enough to offer a 100% guarantee concerning the cabinet seat for 100% election cheat Peter Penashue.

100% of Canadians – and more importantly, the voters of Newfoundland and Labrador – must be 100% blind to believe this 100% lie and 100% distortion of what a 100% honest and 100% accountable government would do to support a candidate.  Of course, it matters 100% not that this type of 100% garbage is being blasted at 100% of voters for Monday’s by-election.  What it proves is that the Harper Government (100% not my government) is 100% beyond contempt for 100% of the public of Canada, including 100% of their own 100% moronic support base.

This is 100% bullshit and I’m 100% pissed off.

100% of the rest of us should be as well.