May 31, 2013

Getting Duffed

By admin

A new phrase is about to enter the Canadian political lexicon:  ‘Getting Duffed’.

It’s an action.

It involves a number of steps.

First, you surrender all integrity on a whim at the behest of a political mastermind.

Then, you embarrass and lambaste your master’s competition on public airwaves, ridiculing them, breaching all ethical standards, defeating them and humiliating them until no one in their right mind will enter politics to mount an assault against the political master.

You do this because the political master is spending millions on your network’s air time in terms of ad spend for empty and useless make-work programs and grand schemes to funnel cash from the taxpayers of Canada to the country’s gravel quarries and construction companies.

He is basically using public funds as ad spend to employ and your peers to say good things about him and his party.

They win the election.

You then demand something for your service.  A Senate post makes sense.  You then demand perks and other luxuries because, well, all of your peers seem to be doing the same thing.

You put your request in writing.

Nothing really comes of it and it’s put on the back-burner.

You one day, you err.  You’re human.  You go astray.  You get caught doing what all of your other buddies are probably doing, but the problem is, you get caught.

And then you get Duffed.

That email.  Remember that email?  Where you asked for some perks and other considerations?  It resurfaces somehow from a back-bencher that came out of nowhere and then … what?  That person disappears again.

You Get Duffed when you think you’re part of the in crowd, but you’re far from it.

No one is part of the in crowd because no one is safe around Stephen Harper.

I’m willing to guess he’s got a file on more people than Hoover did.

Do you get it now?