May 30, 2013

The Convenience of Mulcair’s Non-Crime

By admin

Stephen Harper is in the hot seat.


What does he do?  Does he apologize?  Does he work to create any sense of empathy for Canadians interested in seeing some kind of resolution to the corruption and criminality of the Conservative mind?


Instead, he conveniently flings some supposedly pretty big shit at Thomas Mulcair, hoping it will stick.

It won’t.

See, 17 years ago, Thomas Mulcair was involved with nothing more than making a good decision.  How do you commit a crime when it’s someone else that’s pushing it on you?  There was no evidence brought to light because no crime was committed.  Mulcair was put in a precarious position, walked out and left it at that.  There was no whistle to blow on Mulcair’s part because it was one person’s word against that of another.

If you’re driving on the Gardiner and someone whifs past you, smashes into another car and kills themselves and the other driver, are you responsible for that?

How is it possible that, given all the corruption hearings in Quebec at the moment, that you could be living there and working as a politician and NOT talked with someone who’s stealing from the public?

Mulcair did the only thing he could do:  walk away.  To point any fingers when nothing happened would have made him nothing more than a name caller.

Which is what Stephen Harper is.

Why bring up dirt – conveniently – right now when you’re in the hottest of hot seats?  And – more importantly – where did this dirt come from?  Were you keeping it in your bag of tricks for a tsunami wave of defense tactics when you knew the shit was going to hit the fan?

To repeat, here’s what Canadians should ask about this situation:  where did this info come from and why was it held for 17 years?  What are Harper’s connections to this issue if he’s the one who’s bringing it up?

However … let’s not let Stevie distract us (again).

The ultimate questions have to get bounced back to Harper:

  • If your Chief of Staff is paying off Senators without your knowing it, what else don’t you know?
  • How can you possibly be running the country when you apparently don’t know anything about what’s happening in your own f*&king office?