May 18, 2013

When Will Stephen Harper Resign?

By admin

When will Stephen Harper take ownership of the mess he’s created by abusing the Senate, an institution he personally attacked on numerous occasions when he was the opposition?

When will Stephen Harper be accountable for the countless fraudsters that are abusing the system under his watch, taking Canadians for every penny they can get?

When will Stephen Harper stand up and finally accept full responsibility for the financial mess that Jim Flaherty and other members of his cabinet have created, including the literal evaporation of more than $3 billion from the federal coffers?

When will Stephen Harper come clean and either fire or support his Chief of Staff (and subsequently resign because it’s the right thing to do), all because of an egregious error in judgement about buying out Duffy’s expenses?

When will Stephen Harper actually take ownership of the madness in his Cabinet, PMO, Government and other institutions and if he doesn’t, do we really want someone that’s so uninformed, so unqualified, so disrespected and so disdainful to the public of Canada running our country?

When will Stephen Harper resign?