When Will the CPC Wake Up?

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Stephen Harper has left pretty much left everyone around him out to hang.

It’s likely that because of the array of scandals, he will retire before the next election, much like Dalton McGuinty did.

As a non-Conservative, that’s fine with me.  I saw through the thin veneer of Steve’s creepiness long ago and I’m quick to say ‘I told you so’ whenever I can.  The Conservatives will get pounded in the next election and he won’t be around.  The next one up will be the 21st century of Joe Clark.  Thrown to the sharks.

However, if I were a Conservative, or even a conservative, my thoughts on the history of ‘situations’ related to the how Stephen Harper runs the ‘Harper Government’ and the country of Canada would give me cause for alarm.

I would want the Conservatives to win the next election and I would want to erase all liabilities NOW.

Let’s put aside all of the scandals for a moment.  Let’s not worry about how he’s lied to all Canadians saying that he wouldn’t pack the Senate.  Let’s avoid the ‘elephant in the room’ about Nigel Wright’s actions and his actions alone.  Let’s not even touch the original potentially disastrous ‘Cadman tapes’ that miraculously disappeared when necessary.  And let’s not get into how the last election was a sham and Stephen Harper robbed true government of the country of Canada from the public of Canada.

Let’s instead focus on who will be the next victim.

Will it continue to be every single honest member of the Conservative Party of Canada?  Or will it finally be Stephen Harper himself?

Because if I were a Conservative, I’d want to know the answer to that one question:  when will Harper be pushed out so that the Conservative Party of Canada will have a future?

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