July 6, 2013

Stephen Harper’s Circle of Ignorance

By admin

So, after yesterday, we know that the following people had knowledge of the payments that were being made to Mike Duffy and possibly other Senators:

  • Mike Duffy
  • Nigel Wright
  • Benjamin Perrin, Stephen Harper’s legal advisor
  • David van Hemmen, Wright’s assistant
  • Chris Woodcock, Stephen Harper’s Director of Issues Management in the PMO

And that’s just from the superficial reports that we have from initial disclosures and documents.

What does this tell us?  There about 20 people in the PMO’s senior staff, at least according to Wikipedia.  We see that already 3-4 of these people (15-20%) had knowledge of some kind of the payments to Duffy.  These people represent significant points of communication that SHOULD have been happening between the staff and the Prime Minister.

How much longer will Canada accept Stephen Harper’s line that he didn’t know anything?  How is this possible?

And as the connections become more intertwined, who will be left to throw under the bus?

Stephen Harper must resign or the Conservative Party of Canada will never win a seat again because NO ONE will trust them.