July 17, 2013

The Biggest Story Everyone Missed?

By admin

Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty seem to be playing 3 shell monte with Canadian taxpayer funds and the budget of Canada.

If this is true, they should be thoroughly audited and they should be jailed.

Exhibit A:  the Department of Defense can’t spend all of the money that’s been allocated to it.

The details of this article are light, but shocking.  Apparently, DND has about $10 billion in slush funds kicking around.

More surprising is the fact that many other departments apparently have billions of funds in reserve for a rainy day.

And what rainy day will that be?  How about election budget 2015?

Expect Jimbo to pull a magic surplus out of his mega-deficit hat, liked a burned-out Burt Wonderstone pulling off a genius ‘last gasp’ effort where (spoiler alert) the only way he can do it is to drug the masses.

Exhibit B is even more distressing:  the Cons seem to have created Al Capone-style double-book cooking when it comes to tracking and reporting outlays for big-ticket items like the F-35s that no one wants (or can use).

Once again, this all points to a convergence of ‘final’ numbers that will have all of the crooks in the Harper cabinet shouting ‘TA DAHHHH …’ as they hit the trail in 2015.

Scary stuff folks, because at least a third of Canadians are going to fall for it.

Let’s hope the rest of us have our heads screwed on right and pay attention to how crooked these people are.

The time has come for us to all start to work together to defeat these guys.  Libs, Dippers, Greenies:  do what’s right for Canada and get your heads out of your butts.  Withdraw candidates from loser ridings, form a coalition, do anything you can to protect Canada from these criminals.


Ally of Canada, Enemy of Harper