August 10, 2013


By admin

Recent news from the CRTC preventing them from getting a mandatory subsidy from all Canadian cable / satellite subscribers is a step in the right direction.

SUN Block for Canadians, SPF 100.  Good news, right?

However, before the day is done, rest assured that the Conservatives will find SOME way to pump public cash into the coffers of Sun Media, owned by Quebecor so that we’ll continue to be exposed to their caustic brand of melanoma.

It’ll likely come in the form of another bloated ‘Economic Action Plan’ set of ads or maybe some ‘Canadian content’ subsidy.

Who knows?

But the fact remains that Canada’s most vocal opponent of anything social, socialist or bent towards curbing corporate control always seems to be the first company at the public trough and without them, their buddies in power simply won’t have another chance to manipulate Canadians.