Crack’d: The Cons Behind the Cons

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Bill Blair, Chief of the Toronto Police, has called out Rob Ford for his antics this past summer and has said that he is now in possession of the video that shows Rob Ford smoking crack.

Canadians have spent the last summer in media hell, trying to understand if this is an issue or not, if the mayor should own up to his addiction and so on.  There are a lot of Ford supporters out there that still don’t believe that there’s a video, so I guess that makes Bill Blair a liar.   Throw another Con under the bus so the Cons can keep a grip on the slipping power.

I now say this:  it’s another smoke screen for a smoke screen of a smoke screen.

That’s right:  Bill Blair’s timing is suspicious, to say the least.

Canadians (and other world citizens) are falling victim again to the bait and switch world of media relations and public issues.

Ultimately, I feel there is no end of the level of depravity with Conservatives in this country.

Let me explain.

Example:  the endless facade of trying to defend people like Rob Ford from the so-called ‘liberal’ media.  If not for one or two voices in the media, this issue would have been swept under the rug, but thankfully, a few persevered.  For months, people of Canada and Ontario argued across tables and bars only to discover now that the whole thing has been a giant lie.

Example 2:  the ‘coincidence’ of Bill Blair’s announcement, in perfect lock-step with the launch of the Conservative convention in Calgary to distract from another flood of depravity strangling our Parliament.

Example 3:  our beloved media asking the question ‘which issue is more important’ (either the Con corruption at the federal level or the Con corruption at the municipal level) when we simply need to ask ‘how do we get rid of these assholes’?

There is no limit to the corruption of these people and it’s time we took a closer look at Chris Hedges’ advice about ‘Our Invisible Revolution’ or even that of Russell Brand.

Our lives are being twisted every day by these criminals and we need to end their rule.


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