Hey Arrow: I Did It First, Right?

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What do you do when someone copies an idea that’s central to plot development and a year-end climax?

I was watching the first season of ‘Arrow’ and towards the end of the season (spoiler alert), there’s a villain that develops a machine that’s capable of creating earthquake.  It works and rips apart Sterling City, the fictional town in Arrow.

Now, I’ve seen this before:  In a book that I wrote in a serial form on this web site.  Click here to be brought to the specific chapter where my own villain outlines his plans to disrupt the 2008 Olympics with a similar machine.


So … imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?  Or should I be concerned about how someone out there is making ‘big bucks’ using my ideas?

Of course, the biggest question of all:  did I borrow from someone else and not know it?

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