November 18, 2013

Assault is a Criminal Offense

By admin

According to the Criminal Code of Canada, assault is a criminal offense.

The Toronto Police have yet to arrest Rob Ford for anything, but he can be removed from office if found guilty of a criminal offense.

And Rob Ford committed assault against Pam McConnell, a City of Toronto Councilor.

See here:

If this doesn’t come to an end for Rob Ford, there will most certainly be issues in Toronto in the days to come.

So … Step One:  Kathleen Wynne must declare that all municipal (and ideally provincial voting) is to be based on Ranked Ballot so that Torontonians get a mayor they deserve.

Step two:  Rob Ford is removed from office pending criminal charges for assault.

Step Three:  Election.

This is not a coup d’etat.  This is incarceration.